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Organic Olive Mill | Episkopi Rethymno Crete

The modern organic olive mill Bervanakis is located in Episkopi Rethymnon and is active in the production and trade of olive oil, sunflower oil, pomace oil and avocado oil.

It is a family business, which counts since 1980 with specialization in the field of genuine Cretan olive oil, in terms of its production, trade and methods of export.

All the oils produced are of excellent quality, applying all European standards and the necessary procedures and controls during the production process.

Our olive press supplies restaurants, bakeries and hotel units inside and outside Crete, building increasingly strong relationships of trust with our old and new customers.






The olive oil production process is direct, simple and natural, trying to preserve its aroma, taste and nutrients to the maximum through modern methods and thorough controls.
Sunflower oil is a non-volatile oil produced by cold pressing sunflower seeds. It has an amber color with a mild and pleasant taste and is used both in cooking and in the preparation of cosmetics.
The kernel oil is an oil suitable for resistance to high temperatures with a smoke point of up to 200°C. Our company has managed to have excellent quality, thanks to our good partners.
Our oil mill is one of the first in Greece, which started exporting avocado oil, recognizing its beneficial properties for our health, skin, hair, rejuvenating and wound healing.




We are at your disposal for further information about the production, trade and export of our products.